Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What is Rank on Player dashboard & how is it generated?
  2. Rank displayed on the member’s dashboard is generated based on member’s Score relative to other members within their academy. If multiple members have same scores, they will have the same Rank.

  3. What is Score on Player Dashboard & how is it generated?
  4. Score displayed on the player dashboard is a dynamic score and gets computed as a sum total of 3 different scores – Personal Score, Academy Score & Tournament Score. Any player can have a maximum total score of 1000 at any given time.

    1. Personal score is computed based on parameters like Player Stats (also called Performance metrics), Player attendance, Number of Challenges won in a given month and Reward Points accumulated by the player in a month.
    2. Academy Score is computed based on Academy current rating, Total number of players in the academy and Total number of State level players in the academy
    3. Tournament score is computed based on multiple tournaments that the player has participated in and the tier to which the player could reach in different tournaments.

  5. What is Reward on Player Dashboard & how is it generated?
  6. Reward displayed on the player dashboard is generated based on the total rewards awarded to the player by his/her parents (in case of kids’ membership) and coaches. Reward is a monthly input which is awarded by Parents & Coaches to players to encourage good behavior, love for the game and follow the recommended Diet plan. Reward Points keep getting accumulated over time and can be used to redeem for promotions run by Machaxi.

  7. What is L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5 shown on the shield on Player Dashboard?
  8. L1, L2, L3, L4 & L5 are Player levels based on the total score of the player. It signifies the current standing of the player in his/her sport and gives a symbolic reflection of where they stand. Levels for different scores are as defined below:

    • Score 0 - 250 = L1
    • Score 251 - 500 = L2
    • Score 501 - 750 = L3
    • Score 751 - 900 = L4
    • Score 901 - 1000 = L5

  9. What is My Stats (alternatively called Performance Metrics) & how is it assessed?
  10. My Stats (or Performance Metrics) provides a breakdown of a member’s fitness & badminton skills into smaller areas which should be worked on to improve fitness levels & overall game. Performance metrics are assessed and fed into the system by the coach (with guidelines provided by Machaxi) every month. Stats get due on the 25 th of every month and it is the responsibility of coaches to update the stats between 25 th – 30 th of every month. Stats also helps a player to benchmark their stats against the top scorers in their center and learn from the top members to improve one’s own metrics.

  11. What is Payment Due & what are the different Payment options?
  12. To bring the convenience of integrated payments system and keeping the record of all your payments, Machaxi offers you to make membership Payments from the app itself. Machaxi offers state-of-the-art secure technology to keep your payment data secure and we do not charge any convenience fees for providing this service. Post the due date, Machaxi would send you reminders (over SMS & Push) so that you don’t ever miss the due payment.

Thank you for reading and supporting us in our endeavor to organize the sports as fitness industry.